Its been a busy couple of months despite us not playing too many shows. Pete has really got his side projects off the ground (see Gang Signs)

And Robbie has been producing on his own like a mo fo. latest gem is is a remix for a Toronto band by the name of Diana. They met over a hot and sweaty walk through the streets of Calgary during sled island, and the Diana stems have been kind of floating around his (disorganized) sample folder. We're all just happy its out now though! free download here

In other news we had some friends remix one of our favorite songs that we've ever put out!

We had awesome remixes from the likes of Hissy Fit, Beta Frontiers and Killing Time.


Grab them from our label's site (and check out the other great artists)

Hitting a few of our favorite spots for a quick 4 stop tour….we can't wait to party with everyone again!
Feb 7 – Calgary @ HiFi
Feb 8 – Edmonton @ Wunderbar
Feb 15 – Nelson @ Spirt Bar
Feb 16 – Fernie @ Central

feb ski towns