We are happy to announce that our new video featuring 3-time World Champion Sign Spinner Kadeem Johnson is competing at this year’s SXSW film festival. This is our second SXSW nomination, first one being in 2009 with our first music video “Bike Home”.

HI EVERYONE! We wanted to share with you the dates of our last tour EVER, so yeah, here are some of the dates where you’ll be able to find us. We’ll be posting more details soon but this is about it for the cities which we’ll be performing at.

Hope to see you soon and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who’ve ever supported us in the past.

P.S. Note that we’ve got a few new things we’ll be sharing with you so make sure to follow us on Instagram.

HUMANS ‘Going Late’ video. Premiered on Complex UK and BOOOOOOOM

HUMANS second new single & first video from our upcoming LP out next month.

“Breakfast With Liz”
Available on Spotify & Itunes.

HUMANS new single “Still About You” out now.

Available on Spotify & Itunes.

Make your own “AT THE BEACH” remix with the FREE HUMANS APP on the fly, on the PHONE. Download link https://volu.me/humans

Here’s a remix we did using the APP, plugged it straight into Ableton and record it LIVE.

The Water Water and 333AM Alpha Bombers are now sold out but with the holidays season and winter coming up quick, we now have 4 new models celebrating the new FEELS EP releasing in late January. You can order them at our store. Happy Holidays and see you soon.

Hey everyone, you can grab stems here and find out more about the prizes at https://skiomusic.com/contest/humans-remix-contest . Looking forward to hearing all the great tracks. CHEERS!